The End is Nigh!

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Or is it new beginnings.  I know by the end of this month, I should be returning to College for my BSc year.  I am scared, apprehensive but excited at this prospect.  I’ve also enjoyed (or endured, depending on your viewpoint and the weather) the summer off!




28th June 2012


It’s my birthday and I share my birth date with a notorious historical figure, Henry VIII.  I’m not about to go into great detail about the great man, although the Tudor period is one of my favourite historical periods, no, I’m about to blog about my latest venture into gaining some sort of employment.

I applied for Student Digital Leader with College, the role sounded like it was made for me, so last week, I sent off my digital application at 10.45 pm last Tuesday night (19th June).  I attended the interview the following day at short notice but I have just found out that my application wasn’t successful.  And on my birthday!  I needed to know because I do not deal very well with uncertainty.

It seems the area to let me down on this occasion is that I have not had experience of organising events whereas fellow applicants have had the necessary experience.

While I am a little bit upset, I do question – how can I gain any experience if I am not given the opportunity to try?

I know I shouldn’t dwell on this and that I should see it as a positive step in that I know in myself it was one of my better interviews and that I will have success with what I’ve achieved and what I hope to achieve.

I just have to battle on and keep trying and it’s that which can be so difficult.


Beware Scam e-mails

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Semester Two – Week 15: Tuesday, 22nd May 2012

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I’ve finally made it to the end of my second year on the Foundation Degree and I am already wondering if I have done enough to get on the third year in September and anxious about it as well.  I also cannot believe I have got this far.  This second year has been an even bigger learning curve than the first year – not that I would put anyone off.  I am one of the first people to advise others to follow their dreams, even if I don’t follow my own.

What happened?

I came in on Tuesday morning for study time – it’s been time well spent throughout the entire academic year because it has enabled me to focus on what is important, course work and in an environment conducive to study.  I only had my second task for Data Analysis to submit and make an attempt to get a prototype working for my multimedia demonstration.  It sounds all too simplistic, but, experience has taught me that working on anything which in theory seems too simplistic is anything but easy to work on and achieve.

I have created another multimedia production entitled “Prototype1” in which I painstakingly created one button at a time and ensured they worked before going on to add parts of the production I wanted from my submitted draft.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I got the buttons to work but I didn’t add the parts from my submitted draft to the new version for Wednesday afternoon’s demonstration.  I am just playing it safe with the version I am demonstrating.

My demonstration didn’t go as well as I would have liked as the production didn’t work when the video scenes were selected.

And then we have arrived at the last day of the course – I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by.


Although I had been advised not to worry about my multimedia module and that I had tried and I was beginning to do so well, it would have been nice for me and would have eased any anxiety and the overwhelming need to break down in tears if it had been a little more successful than it had been. 

I have been on an emotional rollercoaster throughout this second year which enormous peaks and troughs in how I’ve felt about my course and the work I have submitted.   I have been proud of work I have done and taken pride in completing it as well as in tears with the sheer frustration of work I have found challenging, but I finally made it to the last day – a little wiser than when I began the second year last September and, I hope, an improvement on my first year.

I have learned that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right and to the best of one’s abilities with high standards and pride in their work.

Good or Bad

The bad thing about this last couple of weeks has been getting to grips with the challenge of my multimedia and the frustration at putting practice into a working piece that I can be proud of.  It has had me in tears of frustration which have added to the impact the extrinsic factors have had on my degree work and my life in general.

The good thing about this last few days and weeks is that, despite extrinsic factors, I have managed to bury myself in my work and submit all work on time.  I have always said and still maintain that calling the dates submission dates, for me, it removes the importance of getting work in on those dates which is why I still call them deadlines, it means I meet those important targets and work towards getting my work submitted.

What would I do differently?

The temptation to say – everything –  is too great to resist.  No, seriously, for the most part I know what I would do differently and the areas I would improve upon.

I know for next time not to focus on the areas of the course I really like and to stop trying on those areas I find challenging.  This is, for me, what it should be all about, to embrace the challenges and work through them rather than become so dejected about them that I stop trying.  I am, primarily, talking about Flash and my multimedia module.  I did understand parts of it and started to succeed but, as soon as I put the parts together to form a meaningful piece of work and I encountered problems, I gave in too easily.  Just my nature!

I know my time management is still an area for improvement and getting myself organised .  I attempt to be organised but it could be better and I could do better.  I need to focus as much time and attention on the parts of the course I find I am struggling with or are a little bit of challenge rather than focusing on the parts of the course I enjoy the most.  I do become so engrossed in what I am doing when I am enjoying it that it is almost to the exclusion of everything else.

I hope I take away from these two years, apart from great experiences and memories and new friends, what I have learned and use what I have learned well in the future!

It is beginning to read up like a final blog but I’m sure I will be on here again in the not too distant future.  I will continue to blog but, for the time being, you’ll find more on my “Little Legs” blog.

I also now think my placement has come to an end, a little bit of an abrupt end three weeks ago because it is looking unlikely that I will be going in tomorrow.

Finally, I’d like to thank all those who have supported me throughout my second time in College.  I don’t know what will happen in September yet.  I’d like to think I will be back for the third year but, just in case I’m not – thank you everyone!


In equal measures for this post: 😦 and 🙂


Semester Two – Week 14: Tuesday, 15th May 2012


It is the penultimate week, not only of this semester, but our second year.  I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far on the Foundation Degree.  After we finish next week, we will go our separate ways to either continue on with the top up year in various Higher Education establishments or go into employment with a Foundation Degree as its stand alone qualification.  I am hoping to continue onto the top up year and do my third year with College in September but I have to attain an average grade of 55% and above.  I also have to get well over the summer months so I know I can cope with the pressures of the third year.

What happened?

I woke up at 4.30 am on Tuesday morning because I realised that I could not complete parts e) and f) for the database demonstration because the small but missing and vital piece of data was not contained in my Database Management System.  It did mean tweaking my SQL script in both notepad and Oracle and tweaking the forms and reports.  I started the tasks at home before I set off for College and continued to work for the practical demonstration on Wednesday in College. 

By Wednesday, my paperwork for my demonstration was completed, collated and bound into a portfolio which I am proud of and I was ready for my demonstration time of 9.20 am.  In fact the day was a day of success and failure in equal measures.  I submitted my database portfolio and my demonstration went well, although I forgot to demonstration how I had put help text and validation into my input forms for my system.  And with only a 1500 word evaluation to write up, Data Analysis and Design is another module almost completed.

Meanwhile, in and with Multimedia, I ended up in tears when my production still would not work and I had to put it on a disc and submit it anyway along with a test plan by 4.00 pm.


From elation with my data analysis to success to utter despair with my multimedia production.  It cannot get more extreme than this.  I am acutely aware and extremely anxious that I will not get the grades for my third year place, and, although I am aware of the pressures the third year will bring with it, I want my third year place with College so much.  It just became too much for me, it was so overwhelming that I burst into tears.

Good or Bad

Bad first, and it is multimedia which is causing me all sorts of challenges and anxiety that I’m not sure I’ll be ready for next week’s demonstration.  Our tutor has said that if I can get it to work for next week’s demonstration, I can pull it back by explaining during the demonstration exactly what steps I took to get it working between submitting the disc and the demonstration.  All I can do when I go into College is work on it tirelessly to try to pull it back.

As for the good – the fact that I have completed three modules under some extreme pressures outside of College have got to be a recognised achievement in themselves.

What could I have done differently?

I know I should have paid more attention and worked on the module which I have struggled with rather than thinking I can pull it back just hours before submission.  I have still got time to pull it back but I am going to have to exercise a degree of patience with myself to get every small part to work before adding a little bit of flair to it.


I haven’t attended placement again this week, this time, the Ofsted Inspection in College and the added pressures my mentor feels staff are under, he decided it was best for me not to attend, so I had another Thursday at home.



Semester Two – Week 13: Tuesday, 8th May 2012

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I am systematically working through and completing my modules now as we approach the last couple of weeks of the second year.  It was the work related learning module to be completed and submitted, the module which had my tutors worried that I was struggling with it, and I was a little bit.  That only leaves my Data Analysis and Multimedia to complete within the next couple of weeks.

What happened?

As I begin to work through and complete modules, classes are now workshop sessions that I still feel I must attend to get the most out of myself and to work in an environment conducive for working in rather than at home in isolation or with the many distractions that the home brings with it.  I have worked on Data Analysis and the practical part with quiet confidence this week, it has been multimedia which has been a real challenge this week.


I thought I would enjoy the practical aspect of multimedia but I haven’t.  It has being one of my least favourite modules to work on because, while I can see the benefit of using animation, I cannot envisage myself using after I have completed this course.  The simple things I had to do to my production lost me when others were attempting to fix my increasing technical problems that I got lost along the way.  At the end of Wednesday afternoon, I became so upset with it that I couldn’t physically, let alone, mentally, work on it anymore.  I was all ready for calling the module a right off and a failure but I will try to work on it next week.

Good or Bad

Multimedia stands out as being the bad part of the week and so challenging to me that I am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate with it and get it to work correctly.  That aside the good parts of the week have to be that I have completed another module and I am well on track for completing the one module I have had so much enjoyment with this semester – Data Analysis and my beloved database.

What could I have done differently?

I think I should have got to grips early on in the semester with Multimedia and Flash CS4 rather than burying my head in the sand with it because it was challenging my abilities and because I am completely new to the software we used.

That aside, the continued success with the other areas of my course work counter-balance the one area I am struggling with.

I didn’t attend my placement hours because I didn’t feel very well on Thursday morning and the tutor, my patient mentor, was taking industrial action – so I stayed at home to work at home on my remaining course work.



Semester Two – Week 12: Tuesday, 1st May 2012

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Angie's College Blog

It’s been an unusual week for me in that I’ve attended in College on days I usually work from home.  Last Friday, I went to observe in another tutor’s lesson, which turned out to be more fun than I initially thought it would be, especially when we were trying to teach a student to draw.  The student claimed he couldn’t draw.  And I just responded it’s not he can’t draw, he’s just not very good at it like me. 

I then attended on Monday rather than my usual timetabled day in of Tuesday, the reason for this was because I attended a funeral on Tuesday and funerals are upsetting enough without the added pressure of turning up for lessons.  So it has been an unusual week to say the least.

I am still soldiering on with my assessment work as I now complete one module after another.

What happened?

I have…

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