I wasn’t very well at the beginning of this week.  I was under self care at home after taking advice from NHS Direct.  I just did not want to let my study partner down for an evaluation we were carrying out in this evening’s first lecture.

What happened?

I did attend the HCI lecture to carry out the evaluation of two websites with my study partner.  I wasn’t very well but despite this, the evaluation went ahead anyway.  I had agreed, via e-mail, with my tutors that I would attend for this lecture and then go home early.  And this is exactly what I did after the evaluation lecture, I went home.

Good or Bad

The evaluation went well, we used the entire two hours after having difficulties with the video camera which was provided for us to use.  I did, however, find using the digital voice recorder a little easier.  We evaluated two existing websites for our first assessment report which is to be submitted by the 13th December (a draft is due in on the 29th November).

As for bad, it’s not been easy to focus and concentrate on course work because I have been so unwell with, what I presume is a flu virus.


I’m not feeling very well and it is affecting my studies quite badly now.  I feel so sick, I just do not want to do anything and I have admitted in my tutorial that there is a lot of room for improvement.

What would I do differently?

I cannot plan for illness.  Nobody can.  I had my evaluation prepared, it is just the reading, note taking and getting on with my work which is a problem when dealing with the flu at the moment.

It goes without saying that I didn’t attend Friday’s lectures.  I felt tired and sick when I got up on Friday morning.