Reading week over and back to lectures this week.   I ought to know from the experience of the previous two years how fast the academic year flies past but do I ever learn when I am sat at the computer with writers block and just absently staring at the computer screen?  No, I don’t.  Alongside my degree work, I have other “homework” to complete for another area of my life.  At the moment, I am trying to complete a flexible timetable for my “homework” because there are huge gaps in my time where it appears I sit around and do nothing.  And I could be putting this time to so much good use because I’m sure I don’t sit around and do nothing with my time.  I’m just not aware of what I do actually do with it and I need that awareness right now.

What happened?

User centred design in HCI and low fidelity prototyping.  This had to be one of the most bizarre but fun lectures I have ever attended.  We were given paper, pens, post-it notes, paper clips and elastic bands to design an interface providing information for a visitor to a city.  This is low fidelity prototyping because it uses material which are relatively cheap and, if the prototype needs to be started again it is so easy and inexpensive to “rip it up and start again”, I quote from our lecturer.

Network management has been a more self-study focus this week and that we can read through the resources for the lecture at our own leisure.

It was research methods where I realised I’d forgotten to complete a set task from two weeks ago and we needed the “homework” for today’s lecture.  We were focusing on interviews and when they would be used and when they wouldn’t be used.  It’s not interviews as in job interviews, although they are equally important.  The interviews and questions we were focusing on were for research purposes.  I did focus a little on this lecture because I am planning on conducting interviews for my research for my dissertation, so it is essential that I get it right from the outset rather than look incompetent later on in the dissertation process.


I was honest that I had not completed the set task for research methods.  There’s no point in trying to cover it up and blag it as I might have done when I was a teenager at school.  I did joke a little bit about it when I said I had the memory of a goldfish.  I know this is a bit of an exaggeration but I had genuinely forgotten about the set work.  As soon as reflection was mentioned in the lecture on Friday morning, I knew I must start keeping my blog again.  It has helped me with the Foundation Degree and I hope it is to help me with my final BSc year.

I haven’t felt as sick this week, so I am hoping that the nauseous feeling and the unsettled feelings have now settled down so I can concentrate on my course work load and start getting on with it.

Good or Bad

It’s obvious there was something I had missed but it’s how I managed to miss it which perplexes me.  I have an inclination that I was distracted at home and this is how I came to forget the work we had been set for the Staff Development Day when we had no lectures.   I can’t find anything to analyse about the course or the work load as yet but then I have spent up to reading week  being so unsettled it has made me feel sick.

What would I do differently?

The reason behind “forgetting to do my homework” was an issue at home.  It had to be sorted out on that Friday after I had made a couple of telephone calls.  Needless to say that I am always going to have obstacles in the way of studying simply because I am a mature student with a family to look after as well as doing my course work.  I will have to ensure when I plan a study day, be it at home or in a Campus library, that this is what I do with the day and not to waste the most valuable of all commodities – time.  Once time is wasted, it cannot be given back and it is much harder to catch up.  It is so much better to be on top of the course work and not the course work on top of me.