Yes, the title of this post is correct.  We are only timetabled in for the one day this week because Friday has been assigned as a Staff Development Day so students do not have attend in College.  However, as BSc students, we are to contact our tutor and get on with our course work either at home or Leeds Met Library.  (Or in my case any library will do).  Following this evening’s lectures, next week is reading week and this is exactly what I intend to do with the week at home – read.

What happened?

This week’s HCI lecture focused on interaction and focused on humans and computers communicating, models of interaction and we were then given interactivity tasks.  It provided me with further questions I can consider putting in for my experiment to be conducted later next month.  While in networking, I became so interested in the subject that I wanted to continue working on it when I arrived home.  The problem being that I don’t arrive home until 10.00 pm on a Thursday and it’s a little bit late to start working on my subject work.


I still feel a little unsettled and sick.  I expected to have settled down into the third year a lot quicker than this.  I do feel a little overwhelmed by the work load and I am trying to get these feelings under control to enjoy and work hard on this year of my degree.

Good or Bad

I do consider that the nauseous feelings and when I feel a little out of my depth are blocks on making any progress.  However, I do thoroughly enjoy the course and the work involved thus far.

What would I do differently?

At the moment there is nothing I would do differently.  I just want it to remain this way.

While we are not attending tomorrow – a few of us have arranged an extra session on network for a week on Friday with our tutor in College during reading week.  I also have plenty of work to be getting on with even when I am not in College.