It has been an exceptionally busy reading week; the weeks are flying by so quickly now that I don’t seem to have time for anything.  I attended the extra network management session that we had arranged last week before we finished for reading week.  It was well worth the time I spend travelling to College.  I had also completed the network for the case study we had been given to practice with.

Eventually five of us attended and then we went up to Leeds Met Headingley Campus to meet up with a student friend of mine who had been on the Foundation Degree with me and who I still keep in touch with.  We had an impromptu induction to Leeds Met Library where they have a lot more resources available than our College library.  We’re just waiting for our library cards to come through from Leeds Met and we can borrow resources as and when we need them.  In the meantime, we can go up to Leeds Met Library and work there, we just cannot borrow any resources.

I am really pleased I went in the end and had a study day away from the distractions of my home life which do tend to put obstacles between me and any studying I intend to do.